How Medical Marijuana Eases Chemo Effects

For anyone involved in the medical marijuana community, it’s well known that THC and CBD oil extract have amazing beneficial effects on patients who are undergoing chemo therapy in order to treat cancer. One of the most famous ones is the Rick Simpson Oil. Chemo is used to treat most type of cancers, but while it’s effects are helpful to most people, to some specially young children, chemo can be extremely dangerous.

This week in the Huffington Post there is an article about Mrs. Sierra Riddle who after seeing her son suffer through chemo therapy, which was used to help her son Landon treat his Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) , decided to move to Colorado in order try medical marijuana as a last resort.

In Colorado, Mrs. Riddle contacted the Stanley brother’s who are the owners of the Realm of Caring Foundation. The Stanley’s brothers are known for appearing in the reality TV show “American Weed”, for cultivating and breeding medical marijuana strains with high levels of CBD and for appearing Dr. Sanjay Gupta “Weed Documentary” in which they breeded a special strain known as “Charlotte’s Web”, which was used as epilepsy treatment for Charlotte Figi’s.

The Stanley brothers high CBD strains immediately started helping Landon with his chemo effects

“He finally began to sleep through the night, the nightmares and terrors went away, the pain vanished, he regained his appetite, he started eating, his energy started coming back, he was weaned of all narcotic pain medications, slowly but surely he started to regain all that chemo and cancer had robbed him of. I still find it amusing that Landon had a prescription for synthetic marijuana to increase his appetite, yet it was illegal for him to be given a prescription for the natural plan itself.”

If you live in a state where there is no medical marijuana laws, or you don’t have access to high CBD strain like Stanley brothers specialize in, sign up at Marijuana University and learn how to grow weed and create your own CBD extracts (just like the one Landon and Charlotte medicate with), all of this info comes directly from the breeder themselves, including the Stanley Brothers.

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